How To Engage Your Millenials - A Survival Toolkit for Managers


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Engaging Your Millenials by Colin Dawson

Millenials (or Gen Y's) bring the most amazing energy, loyalty and innovation to a company, provided you manage them correctly. If you don't, then you may come back from lunch one day and find they've gone; handed in their notice; moved on.

Millenials don't hang around if they are miserable. They are a very self aware generation. They don't worry about job security or pension plans. They want to be involved and included and if they are not - watch out.

So how do we recruit the best of them? How do we motivate them? How do we retain them?

This book sets out the methods by which you can not only promote your company as being a front runner in the employment stakes to this generation, but also, snare the best of the bunch at the same time.

This e-book is a must HR Managers and all those who recruit and manage this new and exciting generation.

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Johnson's Challenge - A Guide To Becoming A Team Leader

What To Do When You've Been Promoted Into Management And No-one Tells You What To Do. This is the wonderful story of what happens to a newly promoted team leader when no-one explains what his role is. He is literally thrown in at the deep end to work things out for himself. Sadly he finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place.

Join Johnson in this wonderful e-book and watch as he learns the ropes of becoming a great manager, with the help of a very special person.

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Colin Dawson is the author of both books.

He spent many years as an HR practitioner in the corporate world before beginning Business Brains (bbap) in 1988.

As a learning consultant he has worked in a number of countries throughout Asia including two major training projects in mainland China. He is a staunch advocate of the belief that training that does not produce behaviour change is worthless. His books are short, content rich and written in a style that can be described as "read on an aeroplane and put into practice tomorrow."

How To Engage Your Millenials - A Survival Toolkit for Managers

$29.97 USD