How to Change the World, Action Planner



This Free Action Planner accompanies Clare's book: How to Change the World: Seven Steps to Successful Environmental Training Programs.
The book and Action Planner are designed to be used together to help you create a longstanding environmental training program as successful as those in the book's case studies.
The book and the action planner will help people who work in government, business, education or not-for-profit sectors, to work with work with partners within and beyond your own organization to sustain our environment, our communities and our economy.

  • Discover the 7-step model: core elements of an environmental training program 
  • Read case studies of people who successfully implemented the core elements and changed their world.
  • Learn how to set up your program and how to implement the measurements of success and change.
Like all Clare's material, this is a PRATICAL action planner designed to change your world and improve the environment. Every business, school and organisation need to implement an environmental program and this action planner is the first step in saving money and sustaining the planet.
Download the book today and once you have viewed the information go get your copy of How to Change the World: Seven Steps to Successful Environmental Training Programs.

About the Author
Clare Feeney is an award-winning speaker and trainer. She has over 20 years' experience in environmental management and training for sustainability.
Clare is a Director of Environmental Communications Ltd and a member of the New Zealand-based consulting collective, Environment and Business Group.
She was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award" in 2009 by the New Zealand Association of Resource Management (NZARM) for her work in environmental training and building relationships with the civil construction industry.
Clare is an Accredited Professional Speaker and won the ‘Bright Star" of the year award in 2009 from
the National Speakers Association of New Zealand.
She has worked in factories, universities, farms, rivers and big earthworks sites - but she got out of
sewage treatment before she fell in - it's an occupational hazard of the job!
Find out more about Clare's work and thinking at the links below:

How to Change the World, Action Planner

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