How to Catch Fish with Strawberry Shortcake




How to Catch Fish with Strawberry Shortcake - and other marketing myths, truths and million dollar secrets.

Most people have gotten so caught up in the latest marketing fads and technology, they're losing touch with what really makes marketing work - human buying behavior. So to I wrote "Strawberry Shortcake"

to help you turn that around and produce much better results with all of your marketing.

Each of the 17 short chapters features a marketing tale that takes you on a brief journey illuminating some aspect of human nature. These lessons  provide a roadmap back to marketing that makes a genuine

connection with your prospects - which can only lead to more sales.

About the Author

Bob Serling is a 30-year marketing veteran and the founder of Profit Alchemy, Inc. His innovative take on marketing has helped hundreds of clients get exceptional results with their marketing.

Bob has been the monthly marketing columnist for Success Magazine… invented a skateboard toy featuring Tony Hawk’s branding that was sold in toy stores and department stores all over the world…co-created and marketed advanced assessment software currently being used by many Fortune 500 companies… created a one-and-a-half page prospecting letter for a client that landed an agreement for a $25 million project by being sent to just one prospect… and much more.

He’s perhaps best known for having pioneered the principle of using marketing campaigns that have been proven across many different industries rather than pioneering new marketing that has a much higher risk of failure.

How to Catch Fish with Strawberry Shortcake

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