How To Be A Strategic Thinker


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5 Steps to being Strategically Savvy.

According to the author, all you need is a newspaper and within 24 hours you can be recognised as a strategic thinker, because being a strategic thinker opens up career and business opportunities and opportunities that result in greater work satisfaction and more money in your pocket.

The problem is, if you are a professional or operational expert, it can be difficult to be strategic at the same time. Sometimes experts:

  1. Think they are not creative enough to be strategic
  2. Are afraid of losing expertise by being more strategic   
  3. Don't know how to handle strategic conversations or how to bring strategy into a conversation  
  4. Are too good at critical analysis and come across to others as negative or change resistant  
  5. Don't realise strategic thinking is just another process

So if you think you are not a strategic thinker and know you need to become one, then this e-book can solve your problems, and probably in less than an hour!

Unlike other books on strategy and strategic thinking this is not an academic essay and nor does it confuse you with systems and processes you don't need, what this e-book will do is:

  1. Debunk the ‘creativity' myth  
  2. Explain how to ADD strategic thinking to your current expertise  
  3. Set out a simple-to-follow, step-by-step process to being a strategic thinker  
  4. Show you exactly how to recognised by others as ‘strategic'  
  5. Able to be read in about an hour and can be implemented immediately Because after reading the e-book you will:
  • Feel confident handling strategic topics and conversations
  • Know how to say the right things at the right time so that you are respected as an expert AND a strategic thinker
  • Know what to say when you disagree with a client or boss, so you are not seen as too operational or negative, but retain your expert status
  • Know how to help others to think strategically so that you are recognised as a leader


How To Be A Strategic Thinker

$15.00 USD