How To Be A Champion Negotiator


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Become a CHAMPION Negotiator NOW!

There are times when we all need to know how to negotiate.

Whether we are selling a house; looking for better suppliers or closing a deal with a prospective customer.

Mastering the techniques of negotiating will help turn you into a first-class dealmaker gunning for a win-win victory in a very competitive world.

This e-book talks about conflicts that can arise when we are in negotiation with someone - the different stages of conflict; its reasons and causes.

The author talks about the contents of a negotiation and the main people involved; their roles, and how they can successfully play their roles.

If you have ever been nervous of negotiating or felt you didn't have the necessary skills, then this book will help you make the transformation to becoming a champion negotiator.

This book covers:

  • Getting down to the basics: Conflict and Negotiations.
  • The Message and the people involved
  • How to be a Champion Negotiator 
  • Practical techniques for the Champion Negotiator in Action
  • When Negotiation meets Persuasion
  • Te power of vocabulary
  • Strategies and tactics to help achieve great outcomes

Learn the 4 stages of Conflict and how negotiation can help people find a healthy middle ground to resolve their conflicts. In everyday life, we are constantly negotiating to avoid conflict and resolve it but a Champion Negotiator creates win-win situations.

According to the author, "Champion negotiators are reasonable, practical, not too emotional, knowledgeable about the issues involved, not given to violence, open-minded, and at the same time firm in their principles.

As a champion negotiator, you want to be surrounded not by cheering onlookers but by winners who join you in celebrating the success of negotiations. Victory is more meaningful when you maintain and enhance a meaningful relationship with the opposing party."

This eBook is a MUST read if you are in Sales, Management, Customer Service and especially if you are a parent.

Get a copy today and reduce the conflicts in your life by becoming a skilled negotiator.

How To Be A Champion Negotiator

$15.00 USD