Hiring for Success



Improving organizational performance through better quality recruitment

Getting recruitment wrong can be very costly not only in terms of loss of productivity, but also in the high cost of turnover. It's been estimated that the annual cost to US businesses of hourly worker attrition alone is about $350 billion, which translates to an average of $3,500 per hire for hourly workers.

This cost is just the tip of the iceberg. Hiring someone that is a poor fit for a role can have grave consequences. Such hires compromise the rest of the team, affecting their engagement and increasing levels of absenteeism, eroding standards of client service, reducing productivity and, as a consequence, profitability.

So it is vital to get recruitment right.

About the research: Hudson RPO and The HRO Today Institute conducted research across the globe to understand and improve quality of hire measurement practices. Both quantitative and qualitative research was conducted to inform the report. Employers from a total of 246 companies of varying sizes across the globe were sourced from the Hudson and HRO Today databases and surveyed about their experiences and views. The global benchmarking survey responses were collected over three months (December 2012 - February 2013). The research covers:


  • Why so many organisations fail to measure quality of hire
  • Defining quality - the first step to measuring i
  • The benefits of measuring quality of hire
  • Hiring for success - what makes the difference?
  • Hiring manager and recruiter skills - keys for success
  • Superior sourcing strategies
  • A more rigorous approach to assessment and selection
  • Getting off to a great start - the importance of the onboarding process
  • Hudson's key strategies for improving quality of hire
  • A Case study


As business owners and managers, we need to keep up to date with current research and practices in sourcing best talent. This whitepaper will give you insights and tools for improving your recruitment processes and could save you many thousands of dollars in making hiring mistakes.


Hiring for Success

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