High Response Sales Letters


$15.00 USD

6 Quick and Easy Steps for Writing Attention Grabbing Sales Letters

At last step by step proven templates to write sales letters that WILL sell your products.

The author passes on his tips for:

  • The Attention Grabber - Your headline
  • Attention Grabber 2 - Your Subtitle
  • Lead-ins and Introductions
  • Where to start
  • Your call to action
  • The Pull power of Your P.S.

Alan Searing is the master of the sales letter. In this e-book he shares the nitty-gritty that converts your readers into buyers.

The tips and ideas in this eBook will make your sales letters highly effective. They will make SALES.

The author helps you craft your story; to use key headlines that will allow you to cast your fishing line into the big wide world and start reeling in the sales in just three months.

This book converts effort and investment into dollars in your back pocket.

If you want to know how to write that attention grabbing ‘long' sales letter; if you want to get the copy right first time and if you want to massively increase the sales of your product, then you need to buy this book today.

High Response Sales Letters

$15.00 USD