Here for Good


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What new arrivals need to fit in, be productive and stay. This Ebook will help immigrants fit into New Zealand and make their life the life they wanted when they chose to come to New Zealand. It is also written to help employers and community leaders develop strategies to welcome immigrants and make then feel welcome and productive in their new home.

The topics in the Ebook discuss

  • Choices: Who is Choosing Who?
  • Culture: How We Do Things Around Here
  • Communication: What We Say And What We Really Mean
  • Connections: Spinning a web of belonging
  • Challenges: Handling the Hurdles and Hiccups

When you arrive at Auckland airport the sign at the airport says ‘Haere mai’. Welcome to this land, Aotearoa New Zealand. Welcome to our shores. Welcome to your new life.

Will it be better? Will it be worse? Or will it simply be different? 

This Ebook is written to help make your experience of living here memorable, hopefull for all the right reasons.

In this Ebook Jenny Magee discusses how workplaces and communities need to pay closer attention to the hopes and aspirations of these globally mobile new arrivals, This is a far-flung land, where we have long suffered from the tyranny of distance. It is so far from everywhere else, that we were seen as being at the end of the earth, the bottom of the world. Or the top – depending on where you stand.

If you are coming to New Zealand to live, this is a must buy ebook. And if you are a community leader or employer of immigrants or an education facility with foreign students, this Ebook is a must read. 

About the Author

Jenny Magee is a trainer, coach and consultant, Jenny Magee (BEd, DipTchg, DipSLT) works with organizations to raise awareness of diversity in all its richness and has over 25 years experience as a champion of diverse workplaces and positive, productive partnerships.

Here for Good

$9.95 USD



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