Hardwired Humans


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Successful Leadership Using Human Instincts

With the Industrial Revolution only 250 years in our past, we left our hunting, gathering and village societies to work in offices and factories. Offices are not our natural habitat.

According to the author, as humans we haven't yet left behind the instincts of social interaction that we inherited from our ancestors; behaviours that ensured we survived on the savannah plains of Africa are causing tremendous challenges in today's workplaces:

  • Clan connections and hierarchy
  • Gossip and politics
  • Snap judgements
  • Status displays and sexual competition

continue to drive the modern office just as they drove interactions in those village societies pre the Industrial Age.

As you read this witty and well researched book, the actionable framework will bring you back to the basics of human nature and guide you down the path of leadership in the 21st Century once you understand the nine instincts that still drive human behavior:

  1. Social belonging - the paradox that comes with the job of leader
  2. Heirarchy and status - avoiding chaos in families (teams, clans and tribes
  3. Emotions before reason - it's not just fight or flight
  4. First impressions
  5. Loss aversion - busting the myth that people resist change
  6. Gossip - grooming without the flees
  7. Empathy and mind reading
  8. Confidence before realism - why 155 people on flight 1549 survived landing in the frozen Hudson River
  9. Contest and display - getting ahead

Based on the author's wide experience in large organizations and combined with witty true stories of chimps in a Zoo, this book explains the psychology behind the human instincts of social behavior and shares A PRACTICAL FRAMEWORK that leaders can use to manage more effectively and make better decisions.


Hardwired Humans

$22.50 USD