Hands on Management: Decision Making


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Learning How Make Great Decisions

We all make decisions every day - shall I get up when the alarm goes off, or stay in bed another 10 minutes; do I want cereal or a cooked breakfast; do I want to walk or get the bus?

Whichever decision we make there is an associated negative and positive impact. The decision may be a ‘gut reaction', but the consequences will have had an effect on that final decision.

Deciding what to have for breakfast is not good training for business decision-making! In business decisions can be far-reaching in their effect and that makes it really important to make good decisions.

Sound decision-making is a useful skill - however, it does not guarantee that your decisions will always be right! Robert Townsend, who launched the car hire giant Avis, reckoned he made a good decision once out of every three times!

Given that he is considered to be a very successful businessman it gives the rest of us some hope, and reassurance when we find we made a poor decision.

This e-book/workbook is designed to give you some tools and guidance on scientific decision making so at least you can be sure that you did everything humanly possible to make a good decision.

The benefits of learning how to make good decisions will ensure that:

  • Your decisions can be justified and explained
  • By using a strong process, you will achieve more consistent
    outcomes, which is the sign of a good manager
  • Other people will understand why you made the decisions
    you did and will argue less
  • Understanding creates trust and commitment so those people who will be involved with taking action on your decisions are not going to be half-hearted.
  • People will learn to trust your judgement in future decision making situations

If you are a person who wants to be more confident in your decision making abilities, then this book will:

  • Help you understand the different decision making styles
  • How to make decisions in groups
  • Give you decision making tools
  • Information on how to assess risk
  • How to hone your decision making skills

If you think you don't need this book, then think about the old adage ‘when I make a good decision no-one remembers, when I make a bad decision, no-one forgets.'

How do you want your decision making to be remembered?


Hands on Management:  Decision Making

$12.50 USD