Handling Rejection


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A simple definition of Handling Rejection is ‘The ability to handle rejection on a personal level, based solely on your self-esteem; the ability to see yourself as valuable, separate, and apart from your role or position in life.'

And sadly for a lot of people rejection can cause huge amounts of stress and at its worst, can be totally debilitating

So why is the ability to handle rejection so important?

At school, at work we all have to handle a variety of situations. Situations where no harm or ill intent is intended, yet a person with low self-esteem or self worth will be prone to viewing rejection or criticism as a personal affront; a mark against who they are as people.

Reactions can range from simply being ultra defensive, to becoming very emotional and even hostile. Which can be terrifying for people around them.

Even the simplest slight can have a negative impact on their self-esteem.

So why are some people unable to handle rejection while others brush it off and move on without effect?

This books not only exdpands on the reasons a person may have difficulty with rejection, but offers 4 very powerful activities anyone can take part in to take charge of their current levels of self belief and to do whatever it takes to make massive improvements in handling any situation that comes their way.

There is also a goal planning sheet which encourages and records daily activities - a great way to take small steps to higher self esteem.

In summary: The ability to handle rejection is absolutely essential-not only to professional success but to personal satisfaction. We all need to develop enough ego strength, or resiliency, to not only handle rejection and failure but to bounce back from difficulty without it leaving permanent scars on our psyche.


William T. Brooks is the fonder of The Brooks Group; a company with 35+ years of sales research. Their knowledge and in-the-field practice means that they know exactly what works in the areas of sales and sales management. At the core of all their books and training programmes are the solid, tested principles and tools of IMPACT Selling®, a system they honed over 15 years of research and invested three years in validating.

Carl has worked in some of New Zealand's best-known companies, such as Johnson and Johnson, Epiglass and Paykel Engineering Supplies. His knowledge and experience gained in the recruitment industry led to him specialising in behavioural, attitudes and personal attributes analysis. Carl is a certified Behavioural Analyst (CPBA), Values Analyst (CPVA), and Attributes Analyst (CAIA). He is an experienced practitioner in the science of Formal Axiology based on the Nobel Nominated work of Dr. Robert Hartman. 

By combining Axiology (Dr. Robert Hartman and his star protégé Prf. Wayne Carpenter) with Behaviour (gold standard DISC) and Workplace Drivers( Harvard Universities Dr. Gordon Allport) Carl is able to gain insight into the individual and their unique potential not achievable by any other means in existence today which places Carl at the cutting edge of consultants who understand both the logical and emotional sides of people and business.

A specialist in his field, Carl is an authority on hiring and selecting talent, benchmarking of jobs, analysis of poor and good performance, conflict, performance development and career development. He is a member of the elite TTI Performance Systems International Faculty, the top tier of worldwide trainers who have immense experience in developing people and improving companies.

His affiliations with The Bus Concept, TTi and Success Insights keep Carl ahead with developments of Human Performance measurement and proven field ready applications.

Carl also has a strong sports background and interest. The knowledge of these sciences and practical applications are equally effective in sports and personal development as it is in business.

Handling Rejection

$9.97 USD