Grow your business through your people


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  Practical HR guidance to increase exceptional productivity, performance and profitability

Sadly for a lot of businesses (even large businesses), HR is seen as a bit of a drag. Managers often see the ‘people’ stuff as nothing more than a drain on their time and energy, yet the old saying ‘people are your greatest resource’ is actually true. You can have the best offices; the best technology; the best product or service, but if your people have been poorly recruited, badly trained and given no coaching or feedback, then pretty soon your business will grind to a halt.

 Sharn Rayner is an HR specialist. She deals on a daily basis with the people issues managers may not have the time, training or inclination to bother with.

 This book is her way of helping businesses understand why we have to have good ‘people’ systems, and so she covers:

  • Workforce planning – why you need it
  • Having a clearly defined recruitment strategy
  • Job analysis and job design – why we need to take the time to do this
  • Best practice interview procedures to get rid of potential bias and prejudice  
  • The ten tips for measuring performance
  • How to develop your people through great appraisals
  • Career planning for your people because if you don’t have any your best people will leave
  • Understand teams
  • Leadership skills
  • Why you shaould always conduct exit interviews
  • How to deal with employees behaving badly and
  • How to conduct redundancies if these become necessary

Although this is an e-book – it is pretty much an emplolyee manual. So for those of you that don’t have one, here it is, and for those of you who DO have one but haven’t looked at it in a while, this e-book will be a great refresher.

 About the author

 Sharn Rayner is the MD of POD consulting (Personal and Organisational Development). The organisation stemmed from her awareness that SME’s often neglect to integrate HR, recruitment or employment relations into the day to day of their business. Often owners view HR as a dispensable function, not seen to possess equal importance with other key areas such as sales and marketing, finance and operations.

 She specialises in working with SME’s to set up great people systems so they hire and retain the very best and brightest.   

 Grow your business through your people

$9.97 USD