Goals, Objectives and Precession



It's what you aim for that makes the difference

If a person sits and visualise a Ferrari; the house with the triple garage and the pool - will they miraculously show up?

Probably not.

We are mobbed with templates for Business Plans, Personal Plans, Bucket Lists Dream Charts and Wish Lists. Sadly, most of them remain just that; plans and charts.

Visualising of our Goals and Dreams is great. It sets our R.A.S - our Reticular Activating System in a way that we will be "drawn to" what we picture for ourselves in our minds eye. However, that isn't enough. We still need a method of achieving the goals that we set our RAS towards. Which is where many people get stuck...

Q: Is there was a fool proof method of achieving our goals and objectives that is so simple it has been staring us in the face for ever?


You see, there is a missing ingredient in all of this goal setting; business planning and visualizing that we do. This simple little e-book will show you the 3 steps required to achieve success, PLUS that all important missing link:

1. Setting a Vision - letting your RAS guide your instinct...
2. Achieving precessional Goals - where the hard work is needed (oh no - you mean I have to do some hard work??)...
3. Realisation of Purpose - which may not be what you expected...

According to the author - plenty of people get stage one completed, it is stages two and three that become complicated. I think we all know that there is a myth that focusing on a goal will ensure that we achieve it. I think we also know, deep down, that if we want something - we have to DO something!

If you are a person who has set endless goals and failed to achieve them, you will love this free e-book. Even if you have done every goal setting and visioning exercise in the world, give this process a chance.

Who knows - it may just be the key you need to finally achieve all those things you had a feeling you COULD achieve.


Goals, Objectives and Precession

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