Getting Focused


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Book Two in Managing Yourself Series

Setting personal goals is just part of the story. A good manager knows exactly how the work he or she does impacts on the outcomes the company is trying to achieve.

This may sound really straightforward, but it often isn’t! If your company or organisation has a first class planning and communication system then the managers will have no problem knowing what is expected of their team. However, this is rarely the case.

There are several stages to the whole process of ensuring the people that work within the organisation are all focused on the same outcomes. The job of the managers within the
organisation is to know and understand the company objectives and then to translate these into something each individual in their team can relate to.

This is followed by working with individuals to help them to focus on key skills and activities to achieve the outcomes agreed. It’s a continuous process and includes the whole
recruitment, induction, appraisal and development cycle.

The crux of the matter is that, without the focus of the company objectives, a great deal of hard work can be done and yet it will not contribute to helping the organisation grow and develop. This means that understanding how to get that focus is pretty critical!


About the author
Lesley Morrissey is an author, coach, trainer, business consultant and professional speaker.  She is passionate about developing people. This book is aimed at helping
you to take small steps to great results!

Lesley has worked in the UK and overseas with a diverse range of nationalities and with managers of many levels of expertise. Without exception, her practical approach to
solutions has been received with enthusiasm by trainees and companies with who she consults.

Getting Focused

$12.50 USD