Getting A Grip On Time


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Learn how to restore quality, balance and enjoyment to your life.

Robyn's practical and commonsense approach to time management focuses on restoring quality, balance and enjoyment to life.  By first looking at the "big picture" she demonstrates that it is possible to control and achieve your goals.

Having laid a sound foundation in showing you how to easily plan and prioritize (the big challenge for many), she leads you into a grand assortment of useful and easy-to-read assistance with delegation, meetings, the paper war, telephones, interruptions, procrastination, and much more.

Robyn learned her subject from the ground up.  Despite the time-juggling skills she needed to use to survive raising six children, she reckons she wasn't good at it.  The biggest challenge was trying to fit too much into the day - there never seemed to be enough hours.

So here you have road-tested simple methods, learned, used and adapted by someone who turned herself from a successful but burnt-out real estate agent into one of the world's top specialists in time management.

Reviews of the book:

In the real estate world the way we use our time is the single biggest indicator of success. Robyn Pearce's 'Getting a grip on time' is a first class guidebook for success, whether we are owners, managers or salespeople. Clearly and concisely she shows how to prioritise, focus on your key activities, avoid procrastination, and become effective. But the book is more than a time management text. It helps you balance your whole life through planning, delegation, and coping with the information and paper avalanche we all face. I will be eternally grateful for her practical tips on office management, filing, and clearing any messy desk. Thoroughly recommended. - Clyth MacLeod, Managing Director of Clyth MacLeod Ltd and former District President and National Councillor of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand

"I read your book in one flight between Auckland and Sydney - it was as if I had you in the seat next to me and we were having a chat. So many management texts are heavy work - this one is easy, sensible and practical, and yet there are all manner of things I hadn't thought of in quite the way you put it. Loved the bit about the different personalities, and can't wait to implement the meeting strategies." - Catherine, Marketing Manager, IT company

"I was told this book is really 3 books in one. I would almost say it is nearly all the books I've read about time management, goal setting, effective habits etc, in one. Easy to read and full of practical ideas. Puts a whole new and simple perspective on goal setting and why the strict focused way blows most of us out of the water. Robyn shows you that time management is more than simply managing your time. To have good time management skills you need to know what is actually important in your life, your values and balancing it all. She calls the first half of the book "Common-sense Time Management for all the areas of your life, not just the work bits". Every area of your life should reflect your values and beliefs. Having worked through those, the second half is about becoming efficient, once you've become effective. A book I would recommend to any professional, mother, parent, just simply every body. I've read plenty of books before that give you exercises to do, and this is the first time I've ever followed the instructions, which were very easy. Somehow, it was as if Robyn was there beside me, helping." Buy it, read it, do it and see your life improving." - Elle Anderson, AdvanceU Executive Coaching


Getting A Grip On Time

$22.50 USD