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How To Grow Your Customer Base Using Little or No Cost Uncongenial Strategies

Question: What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Your Business?

You may say the fantastic products or services you provide, the fabulous staff you employ or the nice shop or office that you have.

But the fact is that although all of those things are important, the MOST important aspect of your business is Your Customers.

"Well I know that" you say "that's obvious!"

Yes it is obvious, and although most business owners "know" this, they do not take the actions to show this.

Karen and Andrew Baird open this e-report with an exercise which will show you how to calculate the cost of attracting just ONE new customer.

Don't Do This If You Want To Work Hard And Struggle

Marketing and sales is key to any business. If you don‟t have customers then your business is going to get nowhere fast, and if you have the customers but they won‟t buy from you, then the cash will drain out of your business faster than you can believe.

The authors suggest that unless you do this part well you will work hard and struggle in your business, because marketing is a first priority and should be done every day.

Do You Test And Measure?

The authors show you why it is absolutely essential that you measure EVERYTHING. You will discover the records you need to keep to measure effectively.

Do You Understand Direct Response Advertising?

The authors share with the reader:

  • The importance of an irresistible offer and free stuff.
  • How to make your website your best employee.
  • Why guarantees pay massive rewards

This is such a great report, I can't believe the authors give it away for free.

About the Authors

Andrew Baird - Business Guru

Andrew is passionate about helping business owners to create massive results in their business. For over 20 years he has been a student of what makes people successful and happy. However when he started in his first Business he found that he struggled and it almost went under. From then on he went researched and studied under multi-millionaires and billionaires how to create a business that makes great profits. For Andrew the next step was to go out and help other business owners do what he had done. He has a keen analytical mind and can show you the strategies we believe can skyrocket your business profits. Andrew loves the thrill and excitement of extreme sports and is often found on the ski fields bright and early snowboarding or at the rock-climbing wall scaling the heights.

Kim Baird - Online Results and Marketing Expert

After studying the world's leading Copywriters, Kim quickly discovered that she had a natural talent for writing marketing that sells. This talent has now turned into a massive passion for her and she loves helping businesses to create awesome marketing that brings in money quickly. She also has a natural talent for identifying opportunities within a business to quickly and easily tap into new income streams and create powerful alliances that save money and generate easy sales. Kim is also an adventure enthusiast. After months of nagging she finally convinced her parents to take her skydiving on her 14th birthday. This love of adventure has stayed with her over the years and she now loves skiing in North America, and travelling to exotic places.


Get More Customers Now!

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