Fun and Games at Work


$25.00 USD

If you ever have the need to quickly build rapport in a training session; or to liven an audience immediately after lunch - or even have the need to conduct in depth team building exercises, then this compilation will keep you busy for years!

You will find:

  • 5 x Icebreakers
  • 7 mini games
  • 3 x team building games
  • 1 x Leadership exercise


The book came about after a question was asked on a Linkedin training group. The question was ‘does anyone have any specific team building exercises that can be passed around? And within a very short space of time several people generously offered their own favourite games or interventions.

This e-book is the result of that join effort.

About the contributors:

All the contributors came from different parts of the world:

Ann Andrews lives in Auckland, New Zealand
Kevin Kopald lives Carolina in the USA
Leanne Camilleri lives in Adelaide, Australia
Charles LaFond lives in Vienna, Austria
Paula Knight lives in the UK

None of the contributors have ever met other than online.


Fun and Games at Work

$25.00 USD