From OW to WOW



The author suggests that ‘not since the advance and retreat of the last ice sheets have we faced such challenges as those we find ourselves in right now.'

She goes on to say that ‘We can't always predict what will happen - but some environmental trends that pose financial risks to businesses have been clear for many years: now they're intensifying enough for more of us to notice. So this book is really about good, old-fashioned risk management - something businesses already do. And every risk also opens up opportunities to look at things afresh. In this book, I'll overview the business risks posed by some major environmental trends that every smart business should have on its radar, along with some of the business opportunities they provide. We may not be able to plan for the totally unexpected, but taking action on what we can see coming is very empowering, and will help us become more ‘opportunity-aware', and nimbler and more flexible as a business in our predictions and responses in an increasingly uncertain future.'

This short book highlights some of the environmental threats facing businesses today in order to show how they can make (not break) their business when they learn to detect the opportunities inside them.

In just a few minutes, the reader will benefit from nearly 20 years of the author's experience with a wide range of businesses helping them with the environmental stresses they face. The book covers:

  • Shock + opportunity = risk management
  • From ‘Ow!' to ‘Wow!' Where does your firm sit on the shock-opportunity dial ?
  • The crises that will transform our business - if we let them
  • 4 Shocks that are pushing businesses towards sustainable opportunities
  • Nature feeds us all day every day and why we are still living beyond our means
  • Why climate change is not the enemy and carbon is your friend
  • What's pulling businesses towards sustainability opportunities?
  • If sustainability is so good, why aren't more businesses doing it?
  • Putting numbers on your ‘Ows!' and ‘Wows!'
  • Numbers that count: baselines and benchmarks

Sadly the whole environmental conversation has turned a lot of business people ‘off'. Which is sad, because really one of the fundamentals of a good business is to uncover ‘waste' and deal with it. So forget ‘environmental' and ‘think cost savings' and this book will WOW you.

About the author:

Award-winning professional speaker and long-time environmental trainer Clare Feeney supports her books with professional speaking and training. Clare received in November 2009 the rarely awarded Outstanding Contribution Award from the New Zealand Association of Resource Management, for her nearly 20 years of erosion and sediment control training. She also does research and delivers training on a wide variety of other environmental issues and has developed a "train the trainer" workshop especially for environmental professionals.


From OW to WOW

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