Fresh Thinking Toolkit


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Some people just love going into ‘war stories'. Others can't get past whinging about the way things are and blaming management for all that's bad in the workplace. Sadly people tend to forget the things that really good in the workplace - like the fact that they actually have a job! So when I start working with a new team I let them get all their ‘whinges' out of the way and then we make a promise that from this day forward we will talk about the way we WANT things to be and how we can make that happen. It brings a breath of fresh air for everyone.

If your people are stuck in war stories - check out this ‘Fresh Thinking Bundle' of products to help them move on:

Dealing With Difficult People and Tricky Situations by Janice Davies (normally US$35)

Game: The Qualities of a High Performing Team by Ann Andrews (normally US$10)

Creating a Positive Environment by Lesley Morrissey (normally US$12.50)

Yes You Can! By Derek Cheshire (normally US$10)

I Am An Idea Factory by Ed Bernacki (normally US$9.95)


Fresh Thinking Toolkit

$77.45 USD