Fractional Reserves and the MONEY MACHINE



What banks know that you can use in your business

The modern banking system (Fractional Reserve Banking) allows banks to loan out multiples of the value of their reserves - up to 9 or 10 times as much. 

So banks continue to create money out of nothing, loan it to you and then charge interest on it. 

Furthermore, when you take a loan out from a bank they will need "security" so that if you default they can have your home, car or whatever collateral you put up as security - so you are underwriting the creation of this fictional money with your own assets and they are charging you interest for the pleasure of it!

Here's what the banks are able to do; 

a. Sell multiples of something without creating the asset every time... 

b. Create value out of nothing... 

c. Sell what they do not actually own... 

d. Have the "pretend value" underwritten by the customers... 

Which is why the Banks are always in the biggest buildings in town and pay such high salaries and bonuses - it is also what contributed the financial crisis of 2008. 

So how in business can we use these ideas and concepts to our benefit in OUR business (without just starting a bank of course?) 

First, a business has to identify what is their ‘Gold' - what you have to offer or sell.

This e-book will show you examples of:

1.      Fractional Marketing

2.      Fractional Delivery

3.      Fractional Growth and Wealth Creation

4.      Fractional Thinking.

All ideas that banks use and that you can use in YOUR business to create wealth and make money from nothing. If you want to make money the way the banks do, then do what they do. If you want to be the most prosperous business in your town, then follow the steps set out in this book and you are well on your way to success.  This is great information to help you create a great business.

Fractional Reserves and the MONEY MACHINE

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