Finding The Square Root Of A Banana


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Turn whinging, whining groups into highly-focused teams in a few simple steps!

This book has been a NZ best-seller for several years. It is now in its fifth reprint! However, the tips, tools, techniques and stories are certainly not limited to NZ - they are universal.

Ann Andrews asks - is it possible to rid our organizations of:

  • Whinging, whining and passing the buck?
  • Bitching, blaming and back-stabbing?
  • Mind game, politics and power plays?

And in the book sets out a myriad of practical suggestions for dealing with these challenges.

A must read for every manager, supervisor and team leader.

Review of the book: 

"I've been working as Senior Sales Coach and shared "Finding a Square Root of a Banana" with one of my branch managers who was really in a rut in a bank job; 40 years service and a low performing team. The long and short of it is that he's absoluely transformed the branch after reading it - sales are way up and so is staff morale. He's asked where he can buy a copy of the book and I've told him he can keep mine, so I'd like to order a few more copies for other clients." - Lisa McCarthy, Senior Sales Coach


Finding The Square Root Of A Banana

$22.50 USD