Everything You Wanted to Know about Succession Planning


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Here's the easiest way to get a Succession Planning programme without a lot of work struggling to figure out what to do to get started, falling into common traps or paying for expensive training or consultants. In fact…

All you need is a couple of hours and you can have your Succession programme underway

Plus I will give you a step by step process to follow that grows your confidence and skill

These days developing your own talent allows you to keep good staff, attract more good staff and save money and disruption when senior people leave – opportunities that result in improved workplaces and bottom line. The problem is, you have to know how to get started, what to do first, how to make decisions about key roles, who to develop, how to manage the programme etc etc.

Sometimes managers:

  1. Are not sure if succession planning is right for their organization
  2. Don't know what aspect of succession to focus on
  3. Are not sure which roles they need to find successors for
  4. Don't know how to select successors, what to say to them, or what to say to the people not selected
  5. Don't know how to develop successors so they 'seamlessly' move into the next role

So Jenni has written a clear and comprehensive e-guide to solve these problems, and probably in just a couple of hours! Unlike some other books on succession planning this is written by a practitioner. It is easy to read and makes the concepts involved easy to understand. I developed the content in the guide for people actually working in organisations, like you. You see, I have spent over a decade designing and running succession programmes in organisations. I have designed and taught many leadership programmes and have assessed managers and others for their future potential.

And furthermore, Jenni asked some colleagues to peer review this guide to make sure it reads well and is easy to follow. Here's what Heather Dodge, Global Leadership Manager at GHD says -

"...it is a succinct comprehensive guide to succession planning. I specifically liked the explanation of key roles as in my experience this is the biggest blocker for progress. Particularly liked the tip on page 25, the clearest explanation I've seen on that topic!"

This e-guide:

  1. Explains how to decide whether Succession Planning is right for you
  2. Sets out 7 logical steps to setting up a Succession Planning programme
  3. 3.Points out some common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  4. 4.Explains the concepts clearly
  5. 5.Can be read in about two hours and shows you how to get started now

Called 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Succession Planning', the guide:

  • Sets out the complete process of succession planning
  • Explains the 7 key steps

  • Provides lots of tips and how to avoid common pitfalls

  • Includes 'Frequently Asked Questions'

  • Includes practical, practitioner-friendly information

  • Has been peer-reviewed

  • Gives you a Business Case Template


Includes a Special bonus E-book especially written to simply explain the concept of Succession Planning to managers and others called ‘Succession Planning: 9 Aspects You Must Consider’

About the Author

Jenni is an Organizational Developer with a special interest in strategy, strategic thinking talent management and leadership. She considers the development of talented people for future key roles to be critical for any organisation that achieves its vision through its people. Jenni has developed and managed a number of succession planning programs and is also the originator of the concept of a ‘Strategical Savvy’ competency for people working within organizations. Find out more about her at http://www.strategies-direct.com

Everything You Wanted to Know about Succession Planning

$27.00 USD



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