Engaging Your Millenials


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How to engage and get the very best out of this misunderstood generation

‘Lazy, entitled, fickle, carrying their own inscrutable agendas.'

These are the types of things people say about cats . . . and millenials. For today's managers, the generation born after 1983 is a not only a mystery but also a favourite punching bag.

While it is obviously silly to stereotype an entire generation, so many people have spent so much time criticizing the millenials that the author felt it was high time somebody stood up for them. He explains in his usual chatty and clear manner how they can be managed in the workplace in a way that develops their peculiar and necessary skills in today's environment.

He starts by answering the question, "Who Are The Millenials?" They are the products of over indulgent generation-X parents who have lavished love and praise on them and set their expectations for when they enter the workforce. Millenials are generally bonded to their parents and networked to their friends.

They will bring loyalty and innovation to your company if you manage them correctly. So how do we recruit the best of them? The book sets out the methods by which you can not only promote your company as being a front runner in the technology stakes but snare the best of the bunch at the same time.

Having caught your millenials the author goes on about how to retain them and finally to motivate them.

This is another one of Colin Dawson's downloadable mini-books and is ideal for reading on a aeroplane. Although not a text book it contains a lot of well researched material and also gives you the sources of a lot of this material.

The book suggests that maybe the real problem isn't this generation . . . that maybe it's the rest of us that don't manage them for greatness, for maximum effect. What we forget is that this generational clash is a time worn tale. Whatever side of the divide you're on, it feels new. Yet it happens over and over . . . once a generation. And in the end, the kids will always win. They're sort of like cats.

A must for HR Managers and all those who recruit and manage this new and exciting generation.

Engaging Your Millenials

$29.97 USD