Eat the Rhino


$19.95 USD

Business Idea to Business Plan in 30 Bites

If you have a business idea, the greatest desire it to blindly charge ahead and hope that your passion and enthusiasm will knock out all roadblocks and create the future you want. The reality is that a good idea, poorly researched and executed without a plan will fail within two years. Worse, it will cost you thousands of dollars and perhaps all of your assets.

Peter and Roberta have been helping businesses start up for over 20 years. They have real time senior management experience as well as the information and knowledge to help any person examine their business idea and create a viable business plan. Every business needs a plan; a plan that can get finance if needed, but a plan shows you if your idea will work and give you what you want for your business success.

This Ebook is broken into 30 bites and examines areas like:

  • Your mindset
  • Your contacts
  • Your viability
  • Your forecasts
  • Your promotion opportunities
  • Your potential buyers and their needs
  • Your purpose in creating this business

Good business is where the future is for the economy. This Ebook is 30 basic steps to help you start a business that works for you, your buyers and your community and adds value and benefits for all involved.

If you have ever thought that you want to be in business but did not know where to start, Eat the Rhino is a good start. It breaks down all the stages of getting into business into bite sized pieces that can take as little as 30 minutes a day. If you want to control your future, then get this Ebook today.

Eat the Rhino

$19.95 USD