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The top 3 really expensive mistakes business owners make in a recession and how to avoid them

"One of the most frequent questions I get asked by business people, whether it is when I'm on stage, with a client or at an event is - "how can we grow in a recession..?"

Even when I reached out to my network and asked for ideas for a title of a new event, EBook or workshop - the instant response was the same - "how can we grow in a recession..?"

So this EBook is the prelude to a Workshop and a Business Master Class event that will seek to answer this very question. If you'd like more details on these events, see the contact information at the back of this document.

First, there are two harsh realities of business, the people that manage them and the environment in which they operate - I will explain both realities by telling a couple stories that I hope will bring clarity...

Harsh Reality # 1 - It's not about the Recession it's all about You.

When the market is buoyant, cash is available, companies are expanding and recruiting, confidence is up and life is good - businesses do well. In fact under those conditions, just about any business will do well regardless of how it is built, run and managed. All boats rise on the incoming tide...

When business is good there is a tendency (and I know this won't apply to you) for some other business people to associate the business success with them; it's their ideas, direction, inspiration and business intellect.


Dutch Courage

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