Did I Really Employ You? (e-book)


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A practical, easy-to-use manual to help employers and human resource personnel select the right person for the job (now in reader format)

So many employers have done it.  Hired someone, who on the day of their interview seemed absolutely perfect for the job, then two months, two weeks or even two days after they started the job, found themselves asking the question "did I really employ you?"

Estimates of how much it costs to replace an employee vary from 75% of the person's salary to an alarming 24 times the person's salary.  Yet few managers and team leaders know how to recruit effectively. This book is designed to create a template for recruiting people at the front end of the organization.

Topics include designing the ideal candidate, defining the position and the results you're looking for, using application forms to save time, and conducting effective job interviews.

Did I Really Employ You? is a comprehensive guide to getting it right every time.

Review of the book:

"What fantastic timing. I bought your book and the same week received two resignations. Reading through your clearly set out and systematic approach, I have been able to utilize the steps and tips. Have just completed my very first successful telephone interview using your questions." - Craig Robinson, Position Account Manager

"Did I Really Employ You?" is fun and packed with useful ideas . . .
thank you. I'm carrying on the flight with me tomorrow and will be ready when I do an interview first day back on the job. (We are searching for a new surgery tech.)

Ann congratulations on so many levels . . . Your clear vision for the future of your company, the terrific new book, and for your outstanding leadership of NSA NZ. (Side note on that. I just paid my dues as a full member and am having all the magazines and CD's mailed to Richard Webster to hold for me . . . giving Richard a chance to enjoy the material too.)

Ann you are an inspiration!

I so appreciate your advice. I left our meeting with some terrific ideas. On top of my list is setting up some sort of day care for our staff members who work Saturdays (our busiest day and the day they hate to leave their children at home). Not just day care but a day for the children that is stimulating and entertaining.

It is going to be fun next year to again catch up.

Wishing you all the best for the coming year - Michele Comeau, Executive Director - Birth Control Care Center

Did I Really Employ You? (e-book)

$18.00 USD


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