Demystifying The Online Shopper



10 Myths of Multichannel Retailing

Some of the ‘myths':

1. Social media will soon become an indispensable retail channel

2. Stores will become mainly showroomks in the future

3. The tablet will overtake the PC as the preferred online shopping device

4. China is the future model for online retail

5. Low price is the main driver of customer spend at their favourite retailers

So already, I hope you are interested in reading more. I am!

Strtaight from the horse's mouth - Building on last year's results

‘This is the sixth consecutive year that PwC has published a study of online shoppers, and our second truly global study.2 In last year's survey, which included seven countries,3 we talked about how multichannel shopping is here to stay and how global consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We found retailers were sometimes having trouble adapting their operating models to keep up.

Some of our 2011 data was, to us, staggering; for example, more than 90% of online shoppers bought books, music and films online. Even the categories at the bottom end of the online shopping scale, such as jewellery, watches, sports equipment and outdoor goods, attracted more than 60% of online shoppers.

Among different countries we also found some eye-popping differences. In China, for example, 70% of our survey respondents shopped online at least once a week, compared with about 40% in the US and the UK, and around 20% for the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. In fact, our 2011 findings showed that Chinese online shoppers were shopping online nearly 4 times as often as their European counterparts.'

If you have an online presence, or are considering building one, then you need this e-guide. It WILL challenge your assumptions.


Demystifying The Online Shopper

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