Deliver That Project


$29.00 USD

A Practical Step-by-Step Training Guide

This training guide is the result of the author running live project management training. Over the years that he ran the course he received numerous requests for a book which would take people through the project management course wi5thout actually attending.

So here it is.

The book contains:

  • The 5 stages of a project
  • Activities that will help you to successfully deliver your own live project by following the examples in the book 
  • A learning zone which is a place for you to reflect on what you have gained while working on the activity. Learnings which will help you improve in future projects

The book also contains all the forms you will need to monitor your project from start to finish:

  • How to prepare a business case for your project
  • Role allocation - who will do what
  • How to define the agreed project definition
  • A stakeholder map and management template
  • The process for developing a ‘risk register
  • Work breakdown structure for administration
  • Milestone charts and Gantt charts
  • A critical path analysis
  • Project communication processes

If you have been given a project and are not quite sure where to start, then this step-by-step guide is all you will need. It constitutes many years of learning by the author, which he is now generously passing on to others.


Deliver That Project

$29.00 USD