Dealing With Difficult Situations (Case Studies)


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7 Management Case Studies

As managers and team leaders, daily you will be faced with innumerable ‘people' problems. Some you will handle easily, others will challenge you.

The problem is, that getting things wrong can have ramifications; it can make a situation worse and even lead to personal grievances.

This e-book contains 7 ‘difficult' situations; case studies that can be practiced by small groups of managers in a safe environment.

The author warns that the advice given in these 7 scenarios are for GUIDANCE ONLY and advises you consult your H.R. department or legal representative for advice on any difficult situations at work.

Example: - Scenario 1

You have just taken over as the manager of a department consisting of 10 people. They do a variety of jobs, from administration duties to liasing with customers on progress in delivering printed publications. It is a very busy department with lots of activity, including phones ringing frequently and numerous visits from internal customers.

The department seemed to perform well under the old Manager - at least the Senior Manager held him in high esteem. The output figures are good, but they don't meet your high expectations.

In your first week in the job you have noticed a number of things within the department:

  • A high-spirited atmosphere - lots of joviality, ‘mickey-taking' and fun. On one occasion, a funny cartoon went around the office on e-mail. Lots of laughs about that one! On another occasion, a team member's ‘post it' notes were removed from her desk and hidden when her back was turned. She seemed to see the funny side of it.
  • Frequent fag breaks by a group of 4 team members - on one occasion 3 in one hour.
  • The senior manager visited your department twice and said, in front of team members, how pleased he was with the performance of the department and it's positive attitude. 
  • 3 team members arriving back from lunch between 5 and 10 minutes over the allocated lunch duration.
  • 2 instances where team members helped each other out when a deadline was approaching.
  • A reluctance to pick up other team member's incoming phone calls when away from desk for very short periods e.g. at filing cabinet on other side of office; popped to vending machine.
  • A team member ‘greeting' an Asian-looking employee entering the department with the words: "Wey-Hey, how you doin' Paki?". The employee didn't look too happy about it.

How are you going to deal with this situation?

How to use the Case Studies:

Suggested approaches / solutions are supplied. The case studies are ideal exercises as part of a management development training event.

Materials are supplied on MS Word. A Copyright Waiver Licence is included in the price, so that materials may be adapted to suit your own / organisational needs.


Allow around 1½ - 2 hours if all case studies are used.

The e-book contains suggested solutions to all the case studies.

If you have newly promoted team leaders or managers; or managers who seem to have difficulty dealing with the more challenging people issues, then this e-book will be ideal for them to use as a learning tool.


Dealing With Difficult Situations (Case Studies)

$39.00 USD