Customer Service Diagnostic


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Finding The Gaps In Your Customer Service Delivery

The ‘Bite Sized' series of training programmes are fully designed, ready to deliver course materials for any Trainer. A copyright waiver licence is included to allow you to amend/adapt materials.

The materials consist of a set of trainer notes, a diagnostic tool and a debrief to introduce the main aspects of behaviour that contributes to excellence in customer service.

The process will give visibility to service providers of the main skills and qualities of exceptional service and will help them analyse their own skill sets.

The product is based on many years of observing people at work and discussing with job holders/ managers the things that differentiate mediocre customer service and exceptional customer service.

The curseware consists of comprehensive course notes; an 18-point diagnostic questionnaire that can be used with those who deal with external clients and customers or internal - managers, colleagues and cross functional staff.

The bite sized training starts with a discussion around delegates' own experiences of customer service, highlighting the examples where service providers hitting our feelings are the most effective.

The customer service diagnostic questionnaire is then introduced and delegates self-rate on a 1-6 rating scale over 18 different aspects of the service they provide. This ranges from their level of preparedness to receive customers to the degree to which they support their colleagues in team working. The course then asks delegates to share their results with training group members who know them best to reflect on their skill sets.

Finally the course encourages delegates to formalise what they have learnt and capture thoughts on the supplied action planning form.

The tool can also be used as a ‘stand alone' assessment and performance management tool (e.g. in a performance review meeting).

Duration - the ‘Bite Sized' training modules are designed to run for up to one and a half hours if used as a succinct training session.

About the Designers

ABC Training Solutions is run by Bryan and Mandy Edwards. Bryan is an Institute of Personnel & Development (C.I.P.D.) qualified Trainer, with over 20 years training and personnel experience.

After 5 years as a comprehensive School Teacher, Bryan started his personnel career at Safeways, managing the Human Resource function of a £8m turnover store. Specialising in training in 1989, Bryan joined House of Fraser as Training Manager in a £15m turnover store. After 2 years, he was promoted to Head Office Training Manager, where for 8 years he managed the training and development for over 500 office employees, managing a budget in excess of £130,000, and delivering an extensive range of management and interpersonal skill courses.

Bryan's most recent corporate commercial experience has been as Training Manager at Tiny Computers, a p.c. manufacturer/retailer, with annual sales in excess of £500m. He managed a team of 6 trainers as well as being responsible to design, deliver and evaluate management training programmes for 170 Head Office Team Leaders and Store Managers.


Customer Service Diagnostic

$36.97 USD