Creativity Technique Kits 1 & 2

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A series of creativity exercises guaranteed to stimulate ideas for your business.

Derek Cheshire spent a number of years working in the Software and Telecommunications industries, asking awkward questions and being told ‘that's the way we have always done things around here'.

Not satisfied with the answers, Derek obtained an MBA from the Open University Business School and instantly understood the impact of one of the course modules ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change'.

Derek is a member of the mastermind group for the Design Interaction course at the Royal College of Art and Design in The Hague and recently took part in the CNBC programme The Business of Innovation.

Creativity Technique Kit 1

To assist organizations to get out of their own - we-have-always-done-it-that-way thinking, Derek has designed this series of 6 exercises. The first four exercises are for small group or even solo work:

  • Cartoon Story Board - using drawings to clarify a goal (even if you can't draw)
  • Working with Aliens -  for use where new products or services are being considered
  • Time Traveller - used to explore and define a problem
  • List and Twist -for exploring and generating fresh thinking around an existing idea

And the final two exercises are designed for small groups:

  • Boundary Relaxation - working on problem statements and changing perceptions of problems
  • Bullet Proofing - for prioritizing and planning the things that could go wrong.

Creativity Technique Kit 2

An amazing pack of techniques to shift even the toughest detractor of new ideas.

This second set of exercises Derek has designed for businesses who need a lift in their energy levels; their thinking processes and even organisations who want to offer different products or services to their clients.

  • The Movie Screen - a visualization exercise for exploring possibilites, reality checking and even planning
  • How to Generate at Least 20 Business Ideas over Coffee - a clever reverse brainstorming exercise
  • Using Metaphor - ideal when everyone is stuck on a problem
  • Speed Storywriting - an interesting variation on the game of ‘consequences'

Still Life Ice-Breaker - a game of discovery

You can also purchase the Creativity Technique Kits individually for USD $15.


Creativity Technique Kits 1 & 2

$25.00 USD