Creativity As A Business Tool



The power of creative thinking on bottom line results.

Derek Cheshire spent a number of years working in the Software and Telecommunications industries, asking awkward questions and being told ‘that's the way we have always done things around here'.

Not satisfied with the answers, Derek obtained an MBA from the Open University Business School and instantly understood the impact of one of the course modules ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change'.

Derek is also a member of the mastermind group for the Design Interaction course at the Royal College of Art and Design in The Hague and recently took part in the CNBC programme The Business of Innovation.

In this FREE e-book he asks some powerful questions:

  • Why does a business need creativity?
  • Do you do what you have always done?

In this amazing e-book, Derek shows the reader how to use creativity to:

  • Secure a competitive advantage
  • Improve organizational culture
  • Remove strategic barriers, and to
  • Remove the barriers to risk

Above all he recommends that each business actually establishes an innovation strategy.


Creativity As A Business Tool

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