Creating A Positive Environment


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A hands-on management book that has practical tips and techniques to change habits of a lifetime.

This book is designed to be a practical, self-help book; the reader is advised to stop and complete certain exercises to get the best out of the tips and techniques.

Lesley covers:

  • Attitude - what it is - what it isn't.
  • Looking at our own attitude - a courageous first step
  • Theory X and theory Y managers - which are you?
  • The power of your mind - your habits and how to change them
  • The power of belief - you don't have to believe in something totally before you can start changing
  • Autosuggestion; how to change negative programming and reprogramming
  • Positive strokes and who action cures fear
  • Excusitis and procrastination - how they hold us back and how to change the habit

This book has a wonderfully simple 9 tip summary so you can change habits of a lifetime and end all the negative programming you have absorbed over your lifetime. A must read for anyone who feels they haven't achieved all the things they set out to achieve.

Practical and pragmatic approaches to real world results are the focus of this comprehensive series.

Lesley Morrissey is an author, coach, trainer, business consultant and professional speaker.  She has worked in the UK and overseas, with a diverse range of nationalities and with managers of many levels of expertise.


Creating A Positive Environment

$12.50 USD