Create Your Dream Life by Having a Positive Mental Attitude


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Have as much money as you want to generate, have the lifestyle you want to create

This product is actually an Attitude Training Programme comprising four books, numerous quotes, tips, poems and much, much more.

The author absolutely guarantees that you can change your negative thoughts into positive ones and that this programme will help you to create your dream life.

If you are not getting the results in your career; your life; your relationships and/or your finances, then don't wait another minute to grab these products:

Book 1: Say Yes to a Positive Attitude
Switch your overall approach to life from negative to positive.

Book 2: 200 PowerTips to keep your Attitude Positive
Tips to keeps you positive in everyday specific situations

Book 3: How to get what you want in your Life and Achieve Success
Become a change agent and plan your dream life

Book 4: Be a Winner by boosting your Esteem
Learn to believe in yourself so that you can achieve your dreams.

And just in case four books doesn't motivate you and shift your thinking, check out the additional bonuses in the pack:

Special Bonus #1 24 Positive and Inspirational Quotes
Special Bonus #2 45 Life Changing Tips
Special Bonus #3 25 Positive Poems
Special Bonus #4 Over 125 Self Esteem Tips
Special Bonus #5 Happiness Scale
Special Bonus #6 117 Recession Tips
Special Bonus #7 7 Secrets of Success A4 Eposter
Special Bonus #8 Certificate of Achievement

If you are tired of highs and lows in your thinking; if you have dark days, black days, days when you don't even want to get out of bed. Then Janice offers you life-saving and thought-provoking tips, tools and information to get you out of bed every day, raring to go.

This is not a read once pack, rather a set of tools to help you achieve the life you want and deserve. A great gift for graduates, new parents, new employees, teachers, or anyone who wants a new attitude and a new life.

Create Your Dream Life by Having a Positive Mental Attitude

$87.00 USD