Crackerjack's Professional Contracting Rate Guide



A 6 Monthly Review of Professional Contractor Rates in NZ

This Rate Guide is the first reoccurring report in New Zealand that identifies current direct contracting rate expectations across numerous professions and business sectors.

The figures presented have been drawn from Crackerjack's database of professional contractors and are indicative of the current market rates in key contracting professions and will give businesses a snap-shot of current rate data in the national professional contracting market, making it a handy reference to use when recruiting and budgeting for contingent staff.

The report is designed to be a practical resource, providing you with benchmark rates to consider when hiring professional contractors. Because these rates are sourced directly from contractors, it is particularly useful when assessing quotes from other providers.

Crackerjack identifies average rates, so depending on the level of experience/skills organizations require - rate ranges will vary.

For example, the average expected rate for a Group Accountant is $53.00 p/h. However, if you were seeking a Senior Group Accountant with specific industry experience for a company with multiple business units, $53.00p/h would be the lower end of the range. An appropriate range for this position could be $53.00 - $63.00 p/h.

When using Crackerjacks, you are asked to enter the ‘rate range' you're looking to pay in the contractor search form.

Rate ranges are useful, because they can broaden your search and provide you with a number of different contracting options. Then when viewing the search results you are able to select the most appropriate contractor for your role.

‘Paying for performance' is another dimension to consider. From our experience higher performing contractors can command higher rates. The highest performing contractors on Crackerjacks are awarded with a 3 star rating; these contractors are followed by those who are awarded a 2, 1, or 0 star rating.

Contractors are given these ratings after we undertake two references with their previous managers/supervisors.

1. How to use this guide:

To ensure you get the most relevant information from this guide, we've
included a few suggestions on how to use this resource. Whether you are
using it from a businesses perspective (looking to hire contractors), or as a
contractor yourself, there is relevant information covered.

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Crackerjack's Professional Contracting Rate Guide

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