Corporate Trends. A Leader's Guide


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Ideas, Innovation and Inspiration for Managers

Leadership is one of the most complex and under-estimated skills. We know great leaders when we work with them; we also know mediocre and terrible leaders when we meet them

Sadly we often promote the wrong people into leadership roles and end up deeply regretting our choices.

The $64,000 question is - are people born with leadership skills or can they be taught? 

Catherine Palin Brinkworth would suggest very strongly, that they can be taught, and in this book she offers thoughts, ideas and suggestions for turning the ordinary manager into a great leader:

  • The real secret of successful people
  • Learning how to manage chaos
  • Personal leadership for the present moment
  • Conditions for successful change
  • Who’s in charge around here?
  • Life can be so easy – with a system
  • How to turn people on
  • The certain formula for failure
  • Moving forward – the only way to go

If you are a manager or team leader who feels you are not managing to the best of your ability then this book could be the very thing that could take you from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

If you are a manager looking to promote someone into a leadership role, this book could save you thousands of dollars and many tears from making the mistake of promoting the wrong person, or even promoting the right person but not giving them the guidance they need to become a great leader.

About the Author:

Catherine Palin Brinkworth M.App.Sci. CSP is an International presenter and business consultant on Leadership Growth and Change with Messages that Matter for the times we live in.

In her corporate life, Catherine cut her teeth in one of the most challenging environments in the business world.  For several years she built and managed teams of outstanding performers in the life insurance and investment industry.

Her history has been one of building businesses from the ground up, from 5 to 250, from zero to $60 million. For several years she held senior national sales and marketing management roles and for the last 10 years, she has run her own highly successful business consultancy.

Corporate Trends. A Leader's Guide

$15.00 USD