Conducting & Managing Meetings


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Book Nine in the Managing People series, a set of practical ebooks designed to help you become a better manager.

What is a meeting?

Most of us have meetings – meetings with the directors, meetings with a client, meetings with your team or just – a meeting.

Managing meetings is an art that few have mastered – taking into accounts the various personalities, knowledge bases and hidden agendas, it is definitely an art to be a good manager of meetings!

In this eBook you will learn:

  • What are meetings all about.
  • What’s in it for me
  • Why have a meeting 
  • The stages of successful meetings
  • Preparation for a meeting
  • Chairmanship 
  • Structuring an effective meeting

If you are a manager, learn how to hold effective and useful meetings by buying this eBook and working through the exercises.

About the author
Lesley Morrissey is an author, coach, trainer, business consultant and professional speaker.
She is passionate about developing people. This book is aimed at helping you to take small steps to great results!

Conducting & Managing Meetings

$12.50 USD



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