Communication Skills


$36.97 USD

A Bite Sized Workshop to help you communicate better

These ‘Bite Sized' workshops are designed so they are ready for YOU to deliver.

The designer, Bryan Edwards is a training experts of many years standing. This workshop has been tested many times in the real world and gives you the right to deliver materials to your clients as many times as you desire.

This is a license-to-run.

It comes with a Copyright Waiver Licence totally included in the price, so that the course materials can be adapted to brand and suit your own or your organisation's needs.

Buying these ‘bite-sized' products will save any trainer, manager or HR person hours of work in designing their own training materials.

Course materials include a set of course notes, slides and delegate handout covering:

The Benefits to Business of Improving Communication Skills:

  • Problems will be solved in a timely manner
  • Efficiencies will be created because mistakes will be avoided
  • Customer service will drastically improve
  • Co workers will better understand each other - their differing attitudes, feelings, and opinions
  • Team work will be vastly improved
  • Improved communication will help people avoids procrastination
  • Morale, motivation and even staff retention will be enhanced

Participants Will Learn:

  • What influences decision making
  • How to give communication so correct information is passed on
  • How communication is RECEIVED so mistakes and conflict are avoided
  • How to adjust our own communication style to better suit the Receiver of our message
  • How to better understand and utilise the best communication method in given circumstances

Bryan Edwards ‘bite-sized' sessions are designed to be interactive with discussion, formal input, syndicated exercises and role play woven into the programme.

This session is designed to be participative and will fully involve the delegates who would typically be team leaders, supervisors and managers.

The product features 12 colour slides, comprehensive course notes (contained in 12 pages of the ‘Notes' section of the slides) and an 8-page delegate handout pack.

Training your staff will never be cheaper than this.

About the Designers

ABC Training Solutions is run by Bryan and Mandy Edwards. Bryan is an Institute of Personnel & Development (C.I.P.D.) qualified Trainer, with over 20 years training and personnel experience.

After 5 years as a comprehensive School Teacher, Bryan started his personnel career at Safeways, managing the Human Resource function of a £8m turnover store. Specialising in training in 1989, Bryan joined House of Fraser as Training Manager in a £15m turnover store. After 2 years, he was promoted to Head Office Training Manager, where for 8 years he managed the training and development for over 500 office employees, managing a budget in excess of £130,000, and delivering an extensive range of management and interpersonal skill courses.

Bryan's most recent corporate commercial experience has been as Training Manager at Tiny Computers, a p.c. manufacturer/retailer, with annual sales in excess of £500m. He managed a team of 6 trainers as well as being responsible to design, deliver and evaluate management training programmes for 170 Head Office Team Leaders and Store Managers.



Communication Skills

$36.97 USD