Coaching and Feedback Made Easy


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Simplifying Coaching For Better Results

There are three basic fundamentals that all people want to be able to do in life, and these are exhibited continuously in the working environment.

They want to achieve, contribute and learn.

If you look at the surveys conducted about staff engagement and the lists of things that staff members want as top priorities in the workplace, it's these three areas that will come out on or near the top in almost all. Sure, everyone needs money to survive and live but that isn't the driving force. If it was, people would move jobs for 1% extra somewhere else. The reason they don't is because they are getting more than just monetary return for their efforts.

People aren't just working for pay in most cases. They have a vested interest in what they do and the organisations they work for. Managers could get so much more out of their staff if they just realised how to tap into the potential and energies that are there. Instead, some staff members are barely motivated to show up at work let alone give their all to their roles.

This book takes a ‘no nonsense' approach to coaching and feedback.

It's not rocket science but it does take a little bit of common sense and some key skills to learn to be able to see how much more effective we can be in this area. Some people coach religiously and yet see no change in the behaviours of their people. The author explains why this happens and how managers and coaches can be the catalyst for change in their organisations through their people.

The e-book also covers:

  • The motivation to be coached
  • The 10 principles of effective coaching
  • The difference between formal coaching, informal coaching and remote coaching
  • Barriers to being coached and
  • How to deal with difficult behaviours being displayed by someone being coached

Coaching is now a part of any manager or team leader's role. Sadly most managers and team leaders have never been coached themselves, and have probably not been show how to coach.

This book changes that.

Coaching and Feedback Made Easy

$25.00 USD