Coaching and Developing Staff


$12.50 USD

A practical hands on book designed to provide you, the manager, with information, exercises and a practical approach to staff. 

As a manager, he information in this book will help you to:

  • Understand what development is and how to identify development needs
  • Get clear on what a coach is and the coaching process
  • Learn how to develop a coaching plan and once developed how to deliver the plan
  • Understand the psychology of coaching

Lesley Morrisey has created a series of books to help managers do their job better. This and the others in the Hands On series are paractical, essential tools for every manager. Get your copy today because coaching staff can make a real difference to your business.

About the author

Lesley Morrissey is an author, coach, trainer, business consultant and professional speaker.
She is passionate about developing people. This book is aimed at helping you to take small steps to great results!

Coaching and Developing Staff

$12.50 USD



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