Coaching Abrasive Leaders



Using Action Research to Reduce Suffering and Increase Productivity in Organizations

According to the author ‘Abrasive leaders rub their staff and co-workers the wrong way. Their words and actions create interpersonal friction - friction that grates on subordinates, peers and even superiors. Abrasive leaders erode employee motivation and organisational productivity.'

She goes on to say that ‘In its more extreme forms, abrasive behavior constitutes workplace psychological harassment, also known as workplace bullying.'

If your organization has abrasive leaders than this white paper introduces a way to reduce the suffering of staff and as a result improve the results for your business.

Using techniques and concepts of the boss whispering coaching method, Dr Laura Crawshaw introduces you and your business to tried and true practices. You will better understand how the abrasive leader and their unacceptable behavior impacts the workplace.

She sets out a clear set of definitions for a business to understand how to recognize an abrasive leader, and the consequences of allowing such behaviors to continue in the workplace. You will learn the steps that you need to undertaken to identify the problems. You will discover the impact of leadership that Dr Crawshaw calls "Insightless: The Blind Pejorative State".

This paper talks about further obstacles to insight caused by egocentrism. It gives you a conceptual framework to help accurately analyze the destructive behaviors and it offers a process which will enable you to learn how progress to improved relationships are possible. Dr Crawshaw notes that "despite the fact that most of these individuals possessed superior cognitive intelligence, they lacked emotional intelligence, defined by Goleman, as the ability to be aware of, monitor and manage one's own and others ‘emotions."

When training of the manager has not changed the behavior, this paper gives you hope that coaching will. Worth a read for any organization with abrasive managers who are causing problems yet are still valuable and want to be retained by the business.


Coaching Abrasive Leaders

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