Coaches Bible - Chapter 1 - Sticks and Stones



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This is the first chapter in a heartfelt book written by Elias Kanaris. Elias suffered greatly at the abuse of his Greek father. From his earliest memory, Elias was told that he was an idiot and so he responded accordingly.

This chapter introduces the reader to Elias's early days; his struggle with bed wetting as a result of his father's endless put downs to his meeting with various people, physically and via books and audio tapes. Messages that changed his thinking, his beliefs and his results. Meet:

  • Dr. Emoto who released a book called "The Hidden Messages in Water". Graphic pictures he took of water that had been given wonderful messages, and terrible messages. If water is affected so radically by these messages, then imagine the effect of similar messages on children and our employees;
  • Zig Ziglar whose messages on sales resonated with him;
  • John Maxwell whose leadership thinking was so far ahead of anything Elias had ever believed possible;
  • Skip Ross whose message of ‘forgiveness' broke the wall of anger and resentment Elias had built around himself as a result of that early abuse.

Elias spent several years ‘clearing' his system and his mind of all the toxicity from those early years and in this chapter he shares The 7 Steps to Forgiveness.

He went on to study leadership in all its forms. He now works with the corporate world, teaching them excellent leadership skills. The things he didn't learn from his father.

A wonderful first chapter. Well worth reading and passing on to anyone who needs to hear that we can overcome anything if we are determined enough.

Coaches Bible - Chapter 1 - Sticks and Stones

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