Choosing Your Best Colours

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Changing People's Perceptions About You By Changing the Colours You Wear

Colour is a huge part of your visual appeal.

Some colours signify fun; some signify tradition and being conservative while others, believe it or not, signify trust.

Imagine you are going for a job interview with a traditional and conservative organisation and you show up a riot of red and yellow.

First impressions count. And in red and yellow you are not displaying what a conservative organisation is looking for. You are already in trouble!

This e-book on colour will give you guidelines on how to give your working wardrobe some direction and help you choose colours that will not only suit you but will, if really understood, enable you to buy clothes that are well co-ordinated and displaying the right image.

We can waste a fortune on buying the wrong clothes or accessories, so understanding colour is also an efficient use of budget and time spent shopping.

Colour really does matter and you need to understand it's subtle impact because the right colour can make you look better, feel better and change people's perception of you.

I'm sure you will have experienced people saying ‘You look great' when you may have even been feeling under the weather; conversely you may have had people say ‘Oh dear, you don't look well' when in fact you were feeling fine.'

That reaction is down to the colours you are wearing.

So if you have a vague suspicion that you are not choosing the right colours for the goal or career you have in m ind, then this e-book will teach you:

  • The constituency of colour - depth, clarity and undertone
  • Colour types in action
  • Colourway - how to identify your primary and accent colours
  • Colour in Business, colour to fit the occasion
  • How to use the colour analysis chart
  • The psychological energy of colour

This book isn't just for women. Men too can progress in their career if they understand the power of colour.

The author will help males and females recognise the colours that suit them best and the colours to select to create the right impression.

Choosing Your Best Colours

$19.95 USD