Choosing Your Best Colours

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Changing People's Perceptions About You

I'm sure we have all had an experience where someone says ‘Wow you look great today', or conversely, ‘Are you OK - you don't look so well?'

Often all that has happened is in the first instance is that we were wearing colours that ‘suited' us, and in the second case, we were wearing colours that ‘drained' us.

Does it really matter? And isn't colour just a ‘woman's thing?' Absolutely not. Everyone in business needs to understand that colour is a huge part of our visual appeal, and that knowing what to wear and when can actually help win sales; ensure successful presentations, and even lead to promotion!

For example - a darker suit, worn either by men or women, gives much more authority and impact. Darker colours add gravitas to your look and if you are wearing darker colours, you will never be seen as an easy target!

In this book, the author takes us through the 6 sets of ‘colours' and how men and women alike, can use colour to their advantage. She devotes a chapter of the book to the ‘psychology' of 11 colours and includes important do's and don'ts:

  • Do wear red if you want to project authority or give yourself a boost in energy
  • Don't wear red if you are feeling tired or stressed
  • Do wear Blue if you want to perceived as trustworthy and orderly
  • Don't wear blue if you want to be perceived as creative

Colour can be our friend or our enemy - take time to understand colour; know when and where to wear them and watch your career and relationships take off.


Choosing Your Best Colours

$9.97 USD