Career Transition Manual

By No Author

$22.00 USD

How to Manage Risk, Change and Rebuild Your Career

This is a very comprehensive workbook designed to help anyone who is in a state of flux about their career; is perhaps thinking of moving on but isn't quite sure what to. It is designed to help the reader clear their thoughts and concerns; and to work through.

The workbook will take you through several logical step by step processes designed to clarify what someone who is in career transition, needs to do next.

For example you will:

  • Discover the opportunities disguised in changer
  • Understand the overlapping emotional stages of career transition and be able to work out where you are in that process
  • Learn how to manage uncertainty
  • Analyse your work life balance and where change needs to be made
  • Understand the career traps and your early conditioning
  • Discover your hidden talents and how they can help you grow towards your next career opportunity
  • Take a Transition Threshold Test
  • Take steps towards building your career (or re-building as the case may be)
  • Work out your Career Transition Action Plan

This is not an e-book designed to be read in one go; it is a physical workbook designed to get you to think through all the things that could be holding you back in your life and your career; but it gives you the practical processes, to get past limiting beliefs and blocks.

If you are in a career that bores you to tears; if you want to change but don't see how you can - then this book will be a life-saver - it will show you your career path in all it's wonderful glory.


Career Transition Manual

$22.00 USD