Business Insights


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The things you should know yet people won’t tell you about running your own (or someone else’s) company.

Bruce Downey believes that the chapters in this eBook will provide a guide for those who wish to review their business operandi and business life so as to take advantage of current trends in the market and ensure some sort of longevity and profitability for the future.

Starting with the belief that business is about people working with people (for their own benefit of an income) and for people (for the benefit of meeting wants and needs). Through working with and for people will you be able to help as many others to get to where they want to go. Do whatever is required so long as it is legal and ethical to maximise your potential and that of others around you. In doing this you may find that you have an exciting and rewarding life.

In this ebook, you will be challenged to relook at what you know about:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Gatekeepers/reception
  • Staff
  • Boss
  • And more.

Whatever your career goals this eBook will help you commit to doing better business and achieving more satisfaction and results.

About the author
Colin Bruce Downey, after a short career in automotive repair,bought his own business and started in the sales profession looking after motorists needs. The company grew quickly and soon he sold it and started working in other positions in the Employment, Advertising, Automotive aftermarket, and Engineering supply industries. These positions encompassed sales, marketing and management.

Along the way he spent many hours retraining and improving his knowledge in business and people skills as well as gaining formal qualifications in business. To this end today he has started his own Business Consulting Company where he has been guiding businesses to become more profitable in today’s tough environment.
Colin has developed an acute sense of how business should be so this is his way of giving you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of business from someone
who has numerous years of walking his talk.

Business Insights

$20.00 USD



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