Bullying Special Report



Uncovering the Real Costs of Bullying

The current economic climate and, in particular, staff redundancies, seem to have fuelled a largeincrease in cases of workplace bullying.

A survey commissioned by UK trade union, Unison, and carried out by the Centre for Organisation Research and Development (CORD) in May 2011, indicated that one in three employees experience workplace bullying and harassment.

Double the number a decade ago.

Worryingly, this trend seems not to be confined to the UK with research from Duncan and Riley, inAustralia reporting that around one in six people are bullied at work and in some industries the figureis higher, ranging from 25%, 50% to 97% in some cases.

Workplace bullying is an issue that too often gets pushed under the carpet and ignored.

The human cost of bullying along with the potential for expensive litigation costs for employers demonstrates thatthis unacceptable behavior must be taken seriously and dealt with promptly and robustly, at source.

This special report covers:

  • The typical behaviours ‘bullies' display
  • The type of organizational culture in which bullies thrive
  • How bullying affects your people
  • What to do if you feel you are a victim of a bully
  • What organizations must do to create a safe environment for their staff.

With the financial downturn set to continue through 2012 and with companies demanding more from their staff, it is imperative that a healthy corporate culture is maintained; one inwhich employees want to come to work; where they do not work within a culture of fear and are therefore able togive of their best.

Sustainable business growth starts and ends with people, the most important resource of all.

Workplace bullying has no place within a culture where people should be treated with dignity andrespect. Every employee needs to know that bullying behaviour is unacceptable and will be treatedas such.

If you are a manager this book is a must read. Sadly we often confuse ‘tough' management with what is actually ‘bullying'. It is not a good environment for anyone. Let the information in this book help you stamp out any behaviours that are not conducive to a save and creative workforce.


Bullying Special Report

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