Bridging Strategy and Execution



Create a design based strategy to bridge the gap between thinking and doing.

This paper will assist you in integrating your thinkers and your doers and actually involve more staff into making it happen. The key way of executing strategy include:

  • Your strategy needs to be ON Purpose.
  • Keep the process of implementing the strategy light and evolving.
  • Recognising that strategy is evolving
  • Move towards collaboration
  • Develop rich pictures

Then you can close the divide between the strategists and the executers of the strategy.

About the Author

Dr Norman Chorn is a strategist and organisation development consultant within the BrainLink Group. He works with executives and organisations to develop future strategy and organisational capability. His particular areas of focus are: ? strategy in conditions of uncertainty ? organisational and cultural alignment ? strategic leadership.


Bridging Strategy and Execution

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