Better Speaking, Better Thinking


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Book 1 - Better Speaking Better Thinking

Improve your public speaking, off the cuff speaking, and thinking skills: Tips, techniques and 500 practice topics

According to the author, Dale Carnegie had put forward the idea that ‘if people practiced their speaking skills for just a minute a day it requires little effort and yet they can significantly increase their skills over a period of time.'

After all, who couldn't do with becoming a better communicator? Whether you are a mum, a dad, a boss, a salesperson or someone working in customer service, imagine what a 1% improvement in your skills could do to improve relationships and get better results.

In this book, Kim Chamberlain sets out to help the reader improve their speaking skills; build confidence and develop their thinking skills. She does this by working with three key factors - working out:

  • When we want to learn
  • The fun aspect of learning
  • How to consolidate our knowledge and skills

Kim covers the key components of improving speaking/thinking skills:

  • Building and understanding basic communication skills. This part of the book covers a range of practical ways to improve your skills. It will provide a good grounding for developing skills which can be used in most communication situations: for example impromptu speaking, prepared presentations, conversations. It also looks at the four key ways to build confidence in communication.
  • The 500 Practice Topics. Major improvements in skills and ability do not happen overnight, they happen in ‘baby steps'. Using the topics in this book on a regular basis can bring about a significant improvement to your confidence, skills and ability.

The topics in the book are split into sections and cover a wide range of approaches and issues. Some exercises are serious, some fun, some could be considered controversial.

Interspersed throughout the book is the story of Marie, our Case Study. Marie is We share her journey from being nervous and feeling unsure of her speaking ability, to gaining increased feelings of confidence and competence. Through ‘speaking to' other members of the public speaking group she has joined, she learns tips and techniques for improving both her confidence and speaking ability.

In addition there are pages at the end of the book where you can log your notes and ideas.

The book has been designed for ease of use. It's one you can dip into it for short periods of time - even a minute a day - or wallow in it for lengthier periods.

What are the benefits of learning to communicate and think more effectively?

Having the ability to assemble knowledge and thoughts on any topic at a moment's notice will allow you to build your ability to think on your feet. 

It will help with your off the cuff speaking and will increase both your ability and confidence when giving prepared talks. You can be confident that if you ‘lose your place' when speaking, you can talk intelligently on an impromptu basis for a short while until you get back on track.

Learning the techniques can help with question and answer sessions during presentations and with the communication skills needed for meetings, for example when chairing a meeting or when you are called on to give your views. In addition it can give you the confidence to say what you want to, during the meeting.

It can help with interview skills, conversation skills and networking skills.You will be better equipped to speak with impact and avoid waffling, you will have better content, and you will be able to get your message across more effectively. You will be able to speak more persuasively and with more credibility,and it will be better for others who communicate with you!

It can help with speech writing and preparation.

This book is essential for anyone who lacks confidence when speaking to others and who needs to learn how to speak with impact.

Book 2 - Business & Management Supplement 500 Practice Topics

If ever you wanted a way to stimulate your brain; to get your team ‘thinking', to get your business on a more solid footing and out of ‘we've-always-done-it-this-way' complacency, then this little supplement is just the ticket. It is virtually a book of ‘questions' and thought stimulators in which you will find 20 topics designed to help you learn; to question and to challenge assumptions. For example:

Section I: Small Business

1. You run a small, highly specialised consultancy business. You have theoffer of a sizeable contract which requires six consultants. You only havethree. The only other similar consultancy in the region cannot spare anyconsultants. What would you do?

Section II: Management

1. You are an office manager where the working hours are 9am to 5pm. Oneof your staff regularly comes in at 9.30am. However, they are pleasant,popular, good at their work and regularly stay behind to work until5.30pm or even 6pm. Some staff don't like the fact that this personcomes in late. What is the best way to handle this?

Section III: General

1. You are a customer care consultant and have been asked by a large hotelto evaluate the skills of the hotel reception staff. How would you do it andwhat criteria would you look for?

Section IV: Just one word - literally one word stimulators. Throw them out to your team occasionally and see what comes back.

Section V: 20 Quotes

1. Management is nothing more than motivating others. Lee Iacocca

You will find similarly stimulating processes to challenge your thinking around:

  • Finance
  • Employment
  • Networking
  • Persuasive Speaking

Follow these 20 topics and you cannot fail to your communication patterns and your thinking style. It will give you the skills to think on your feet and to take part in diverse conversations and prepare to discuss different ideas when meeting new people.

A great little tool. One of those ‘pocket' books you can't do without.

Better Speaking, Better Thinking

$25.00 USD