Better Questions to Build Rapport


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Improve your relationships by building rapport with more people

There are so many ways we need to interact with people.

It could be the need to get along with co-workers; managers, customers, suppliers. You may need to build rapport at networking meetings; when giving presentations, when interviewing or being interviewed.

In fact there are very few occasions where we DON'T need to build rapport.

So how do you do it?

If you are you a person who wants to have better relationships with people; would like to be more trusted; would like to be a better listener and/or a better support for the people in your life, then this e-guide will ask you 20 powerful questions so that at least you know what the base line is of your current levels of being able to build rapport.

Changing behaviours of a lifetime isn't easy, and so the author has also included an action plan in the e-guide - so you can slowly but surely develop the skills towards creating better relationship with people in any and all walks of your life.

Powerful questions are not just sentences with a question mark on the end of them. They are the locks that can open many doors into your head and heart and behaviours. To get you to think about what you do in given circumstances, and why you do what you do.

This series of e-guide is designed to ask better questions of ourselves; to challenge ourselves in whatever ways we need to so we can become a more rounded and more fully functioning person.

Like all the e-guides in the series, there are no right or wrong answers only good questions you can either ask yourself, or ask someone whose opinion and support you value, to ask the questions of you.

This e-guide should be required reading for every teenager, young adult and manager.


Better Questions to Build Rapport

$9.95 USD